Guild Statement

Forsaken is a Horde Guild on EU Draenor

+ Mature Multi-National (English Speaking) Players
+ Status: A Casual Raiding Guild
+ Friendly and helpful attitude
+ Welcome both experienced and new players. . . World of Warcraft is a game, and games should be fun and should not be taken too seriously. Our goal is to have a guild that has the most fun . . . after all, we are all paying monthly for this recreation ~ We should all enjoy it to the max!!!Forsaken welcomes casual players that have real life commitments like most of us do, and we do our best to help our members get the most from the game and to see as much end-game content as possible whilst remaining ‘casual’


General Rules

+ Recruitment currently open to all mature players
+ Alts welcome
+ The installation and use of certain addons are required by the guild if you want to raid (see raiding with Forsaken)
+ No gold begging
+ No ‘boost’ requests
+ Players spamming or being offensive in guild chat, general zone chat, trade or city chat will be removed from guild immediately
+ Players harassing or being offensive to others (in or outside of guild) will be removed from guild



We expect our members and our officers to treat each other in the most respectable manner possible. If you cannot handle yourself in a mature manner, you will be given a warning for the first offense and removed from the guild if the behaviour continues.

Remember!!! Always show courtesy to players outside the guild. A good guild like Forsaken relies on its good reputation . . . . Help us keep it that way!



If you leave the guild, it is our general policy not to allow you back in. This is however dependent on the circumstances and manner in which you leave and whether you spoke to an officer prior to your /gquit.  We naturally expect all enchants, gems, crafted and trade goods etc. to be sold at ‘cost’ or discounted rate to guild members.  Players that wish to raid ‘may’ be asked to respec for certain raid situations or to be viable on one of the raid teams.
We look upon this very favourably and will ensure you soon get up to spec on your gear.

Guild Management

Feel free to talk to any of us about any help, concerns, complaints, info etc.