Guild Rules

1. Remember! . . . most importantly ~ WoW is a game . . . lets treat it like such and have fun !!!

2. Do not spam guild chat / trade chat / general chat (You represent the guild at all times and it makes us look bad)

3. Uphold the good reputation of the guild at all times with mature polite behaviour towards all other players

4. Do not insult / chastise / “tell off” any guildie in guild chat

5. Our Officers are there to help . . . any problems should be reported to a Guild Leader or Officer and we’ll do our best to sort things out for you

6. Please check out websites such as Icy Veins and AskMrRobot for help.

7. Guild Vault – Do not deposit rubbish (grey or low value items) in Guild Vault. And items ending up on AH will be an instant GKick!

8. Guild Vault – The Vault is not there to provide you with a loan – this amounts to “boosting” – which we don’t do.

9. Please be aware that some guild members are quite young – rude content/comments can be funny (after 10pm ST is fine ~ within limits)

10. DEMOTIONS / GUILD KICKS – Strictly. Unacceptable / nuisance behaviour will result in a warning from an officer. Continued nuisances will then be removed from the guild.

11. PROMOTION WITHIN THE GUILD. There is no automatic route to promotion – it will be decided by a majority vote of officers and will be based solely on how helpful you are to other members and what skills you bring to the guild.

12. INSTANCE / RAID PROGRESSION and TEAMS. We will not gaurantee anyone a place anywhere. Raid make-up will be decided in-line with raid requirements.  Check out the raiding section on the forum for the latest info.

13. LEAVING THE GUILD. Forsaken is a one-shot deal. You leave – you’re gone for good – so think about it real hard – talk to an officer about it if you want (before you decide)

14. YOUR ACCOUNT. You and your characters are what have joined the guild. Anyone using your characters puts you at risk from their behaviour. After warnings, demotions and guild removal do not expect any leniancy by telling us at that point that your account has been compromised. Should such a thing ever occur – you have access to the forum – post here and let us know as soon as possible so that we can limit any harm to the guild.