Raiding with Forsaken


When people first join our guild they always ask about the raiding situation and then they ask about loot so we thought we’d cover everything off here.  As Forsaken have been around for many many years we have raided many expansions and we generally have a well rounded knowledge of what to do.  This may not come across sometimes, but our heart is in the right place.

As a fairly large guild we have to try and cater for all ends of the spectrum so as to engage as many people in things they want to do as possible.  What we tend to find is outside of raiding there is very little interest in other stuff (and definitely not enough interest to do this other stuff on a regular basis)
Forsaken raid set-up

There are two raiding nights for Forsaken, Mondays is the progress evening where we try and clear new content  and Thursday is a little more relaxed where quite simply anything can happen!

Monday Progress Team
The Monday raid group consists of anything upto 30 people but we need to remember that we need to get the class balance and role balance right. This team raids at a higher level than Thursday’s team even though you will see characters in both nights.  The progress team is chosen based on your performance in Thursday night Flexi.  So no Thursday – definately no Monday! It’s really important that everyone understands two rules of the progress team:
* You are not guaranteed to raid every week, this is because we may encounter situations wheres the role balance is not right.
* Your place in the Progress Team is not guaranteed; if we have someone in Thursday’s delivering a better all round performance week on week then they will be considered as a replacement.

Given the fact the team is chosen in advance the “Gear Requirement” is a redundant point however to put it in perspective, unless you are the best at what you do then applying for Monday’s with an ilvl of 600 isn’t going to work as you won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the group in dps, heals or keep the aggro if you fancy tanking. With that said there is no clear ilvl rule, you just have to deliver a solid performance in theThursday Raids (see below for what we are looking for).

The Thursday raid can take up to 30 players and scales in difficulty, i.e. the more we have come along the harder it gets which keeps it nice and interesting. Everyone is welcome to sign up for the Thursday raid. We do have some minimum requirements you will see below but there are very basic and wont take you any time at all to deliver.

Again there is no hard and fast ilvl requirement but you need to be aiming for around the 610+ mark. This is easily done in a few days of farming. You have LFR dropping 640 loot and two world bosses (currently) for chances at loot – world bosses rotate on a weekly basis.  You also have crafted gear (640) and if lucky enough there are some quite nice garrison quests for loot.

Pre-Raid requirements
The following is a list of what needs to happen before you join a raid.
* All your items must be gemmed and enchanted. Ask MrRobot (see below) will help you immensely in this area and if you have the in-game addon it will pretty much do it all for you.
* You need to bring flasks. Due to some officers insomnia we do have a guild vault with some in and so there is always spare available but you need to look to become self sufficient and not rely on anyone.
* You need to bring potions to boost your performance and for pre-potting (See below), again cheap as chips.
* You need to learn the boss tactics, in Thursdays due to the number of rotating players we will spend a small amount of time explaining it but it’s a no-brainer the more you know about a boss before you go into a fight the better you can be fighting it. On Monday’s there will be little to NO explaining tactics so doing your homework is even more important. With this in mind, “The Forsaken Way” means we always do things a little differently to normal people so anyone new to the raid team will get the support and info needed so that they understand how we take down bosses (mostly hang about looking pretty whilst Wild and Efu batter it).

Monday selection criteria
If you are not as awesome as others you may be wondering how the Monday team is selected. You may think it’s a roll of the dice, or a drunken conversation in a pub or even whomever donates the most gold to Beany. Well I can categorically deny these accusations :P
What we are looking for are strong performers in all areas. This means just because you have the highest DPS doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a place in the team. if you are delivering DPS above everyone else but you are standing in poo, not using your defensive cool downs & healthstones or generally causing the healers / tanks pain then it’s better for the raid team if you don’t come along and the character with less DPS who doesn’t need a healer babysitter will get the spot. What we are looking for is:
* Good DPS / HPS / Tanking skills
* Actively CC mobs (interupt, stun etc where needed)
* Damage avoidance (don’t stand in poo, use defensive cool downs)
* You don’t constantly sit at the top of the damage taken meter, that’s Shepping’s job.
* Listen to the raid leader
* Don’t go afk in the middle of the raid (unless your house is on fire or you run out of beer) ..we have set break times for a reason.

Essentially it’s common sense and pretty straight forwards. We use warcraft logs to analyse each raid (see below) and you will find on bad days where we wipe lots posts in raid chat where these have been analysed…it’s worth reading them as they can help a lot.

Raid Etiquette
In addition to the 10-man selection criteria there are some general etiquette requirements.
* Raids start at 20:30 server time (19:30 UK time) with invites being sent at 20:15 / 19:15. Where possible we want to be pulling the first trash at 20:30/19:30
* This is a casual raiding guild but when the Raid Leader is talking you need to not be, this is so the raid can progress without too many delays.
* Do not battle rez anyone without the raid leader calling it. We have a lengthy rez’s CD so they need to be used wisely. This may mean you die and stay dead for the fight if your DPS / HPS etc is not very high or if you keep dying as your health is on the low side.

Teamspeak is a must, our raid leaders use this to organise the group, shout at people for standing in poo and have happy birthday sung to them. At the very minimum you need to log in so you can hear what everyone else is saying and so no mic is not an excuse not to be connected. TS Details are in Guild Info.

Potions, Prepotting & Flasks

Flasks are a must when raiding, they are cheap and give you a significant boost. The ones you should be getting are Zen flasks and provide a point boost to a specific stat, they also don’t expire when you die so you get the whole duration out of them.

Potions are a 25 second boost that significantly improve your stats for a short period of time. You can only use them once per fight and so it is best to link them to the timewarp / bloodlust and any large cooldowns you have to maximise theirr performance. If you have DOTs or HOTs then refresh them after you have used the potion as they act on the increased stats for their whole duration which means more DPS / HPS :)

Although you can only use them once a fight you can “prepot” which is where you take a potion just before you start fighting the boss when you are not in combat. This doesn’t count as the “one per fight” and so you effectively get two potions per boss. The best time to use it is when your pull timer hits 2 seconds.

Warcraft Logs
Every raids logs are uploaded to Warcraft Logs. This allows you to see replays of the battle (we can see if you stand in poo or don’t stack) and also provides a million and one different stats to analyse…a geeks dream :) If the raid night doesn’t go well you will often see a post in the forum that provides analysis of what happened. This isn’t to name and shame anyone but for people to read and learn from so that next time we don’t wipe so much (click here for example

The link to Warcraft Logs for Forsaken is:

Raid Tactics
As stated above, knowing the tactics is important. There are loads of websites out there that will show you how people do it for DPS, healers and tanks. There are some posts on the forums with tactics in but the best bet is you tube (Search for FATBOSS guides). If you find any really good ones then please feel free to share them on the forums so everyone can have a look.

Addons and Resources
The addons you use are a personal preference however the below would be the ones I recommend and I’ve marked the ones I think are essential. Most can be installed via Curse.

Essential Mods
* Deadly Boss Mods – This will guide you through boss fights with text appearing on the screen along with radar maps etc (conflicts with VEM so both of them will result in neither working)
* Voice Encounter Mods – This crosses over with DBM but you also get a lady that shouts at you a lot, she is pretty ungrateful but like most nagging women she does tend to be right most of the time. (conflicts with DBM so both of them will result in neither working)
* GTFO – It’s just really annoying and makes loud noises if you ever stand in poo. If you have this installed then you will never stand in poo again I promise.
* OMEN – This shows you the threat you are causing and will be even more important in the WOD expansion

Nice to Have Mods
* Ask MrRobot – Links up with the website so you can reforge etc on the fly without having to log out to update the armoury.
* Recount / Skada – It’s mostly used for damage counters but it’s so much more, you can see what spell is most effective, healing, interrupts..the list goes on :)
* Weak Auras 2 – You program it to monitor you character and target and it will let you know when spells are ready, timers on buffs etc etc
* Bartender 4 – Allows you to customise your action bars
* Milk Bottle scrolling text – Allows you to move and customise your incoming and outgoing damage / healing notifications.
* Grid – Great way to see buffs & debuffs on the raid group.

The rest of the addons are mostly class specific but if you want to recommend any for each class let me know and I will post them here. Oh and remember just because they are not in curse doesnt mean they don’t exist ;)

You should have two pages bookmarked, these will guide you through rotations, talent choices etc for all your characters.

If you are a hunter then is a good place when you want to hunt for new pets WowDB is great for everything else

Although in it’s very infancy we want to start formally helping anyone who want’s advice and encouraging more experts to get on board and help out your fellow guildies. Below is a list of people already signed up..please feel free to contact them with any questions or maybe some advice…we can all see the raid logs so can give you pointers, it’s free so it’s not going to hurt for someone to give you a little attention and possibly a few pointers.

If you do learn something that you think will be useful then please share it on the forums in the specific class so that others can benefit too.

Monk: Windwalker, Brewmaster
Druid: Resto

Priest: Shadow, Disc

Druid: Guardian

There are plenty more people out there that have a good handle on thier class so please let me know if you would be willing to hand out some help to others learning the class / spec.

That’s it for now but if anyone has anything else then like I said let me know!